Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Not With A Bang

This blog just turned ten years old! Like all ten-year-olds, Through The Megatonne Marble is now keenly aware of its own mortality, and has begun to coolly consider its inevitable decline and death.

Picture this: some mumbling nut stumbles across a sandwich-board with your name and number on one side and your huge grinning face on the other. He goes on to wander your town, masturbating free and furious and barking profanities at whoever will listen, that flapping sandwich-board advertising your sponsorship of his lifestyle and your approval of his strange deeds.

That's how I have come to feel about the blog (and my Flickr account, and more lately my Twitter account). I don't think the nut will ever be silenced entirely but I can certainly tase him to the ground and take his sandwich-board away.

(I still write and draw for my own amusement, lately more than ever, but I don't want any half-baked crap out there with my name on it. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me over the years all the same.)

I'm going to archive the blog and shut down the Flickr account today. Twitter will continue on life-support--its usefulness as a curated news source has waned but it's still vital that everyone knows when I stub my toes or have weird dreams.

I'll end this like all the best movies: